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Bs01 Contest #3

Posted by Andrew Page on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, In : Literature 
Any of you going to enter? I sure am - definitely. Not only do I love the theme, but it's also another Short Story contest, which will then force me to write more. I actually hope to write two short stories, but I really don't know. For those that are curious, read on:

1) The first story [and probably the one I enter] will be about an Agori who was injured during the war, and is now just trying to get out of it, and away from everybody. The basic storyline will be his thoughts and struggles. I...

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Midnight Voltage

Posted by Andrew Page on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, In : Random 
Welcome to my blog, Midnight Voltage. Here you can find my thoughts about various sets, new story ideas, as well as other various ramblings.

Comments may be emailed to or PMed to Toa Velox on BZPower.

~ Velox

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