Any of you going to enter? I sure am - definitely. Not only do I love the theme, but it's also another Short Story contest, which will then force me to write more. I actually hope to write two short stories, but I really don't know. For those that are curious, read on:

1) The first story [and probably the one I enter] will be about an Agori who was injured during the war, and is now just trying to get out of it, and away from everybody. The basic storyline will be his thoughts and struggles. I'm still brainstorming for a deeper plot, but I do know it's going to be about an Agori. Possibly about Kirbold, or maybe someone else. Most likely it won't be about the main six Agori [that were seen as sets this past winter]. It may end with a bit from The Shattering, but I'm not quite sure yet. On another note, said Agori will be completely insane, like the Joker, as a result of an injury in the Core War. He will most likely commit murder at the end, just to satisfy his want for death - that is how madly insane he is.

2) The second story is going to be about Surel and how he was injured and how he escaped alive. This one will be extremely interesting and an awesome story if I can pull it off. My main problem is that it's hard to write a battle, and this whole story revolves around a battle. Just wish me the best of luck.

On another note, after I finish one of these stories [or, most-likely when the contest deadline ends] I'll make up my Library, since then I'll have 3 [or 4, if I finish both of these] Short Stories, 2 Epics [though, I might not be linking to them, since I'm re-doing them], 2 Poems, and a Comedy.

I'm also thinking of re-writing a Short Story that was lost in the server crash this past March, though I'm not sure about that, either.

~ Velox